Test facility for hire

All equipment, whether new, serviced or repaired is subject to an extensive factory test under full load conditions by experienced test engineers to ensure compliance and maximum reliability.

Hydrodiesel can provide full functional & performance tests for third parties.


Test facility for third party hire

The concrete test area floor is suitable for high loads and situated on top of a dedicated underground water reservoir of approximately 450 m³, with large diameter water test loop.
The large capacity water reservoir enables high power continuous running for prolonged periods without overheating.

For testing of vertical turbine pumps a deep well section of 8 m depth is available.

Testing Capability

We can perform cyclic and continuous full load testing of the following equipment:

  • Diesel engine driven pump systems
  • Lift pump / booster pump systems (string test)
  • Hydrostatic driven pump systems
  • PTO driven pump systems
  • Electric driven pump systems

Water flow rates:

  • Up to 6.500 m³/h and 40 Bar
  • Up to 400 m³/h and 450 bar
  • NPSHa < 9.0 m (positive suction possible with feed pump)

Hydr. oil flow rates:

  • Up to 1.500 l/min
  • Up to 420 bar

Power ratings:

  • Over 3.000 kW (diesel engines)
  • Up to 450 kW / 400 V (in house available)
  • Higher electrical ratings possible 3/3.3 kV & 6/6.6 kV via transformers


Also possible to be carried out:

  • Noise level measurement
  • Vibration level measurement

Testing standards

We are able to test all equipment in accordance with worldwide International standards.


For your convenience we have a private office space available with Wifi connection and a meeting room for reception of your customer, third party inspector etc.