Drought mitigation – temporary irrigation & water transport

Drought is a cyclical natural occurrence which results from extended periods of shortages in the water supply. Unfortunately, climate change will aggravate extreme weather conditions with ever longer periods of drought, resulting in further water shortages and increasing risk of (forest) fires. For emergency drought mitigation, Hydrodiesel delivers the largest mobile pump systems in the industry that can transport water over long distances to areas exposed to drought.

Unfortunately, climate change is likely to aggravate extreme weather conditions possibly causing ever longer periods of drought. This results in further short term and long term water shortages and increasing risk of (forest) fires. Regardless of the cause of drought, the result has a negative affect. Especially concerning agriculture production, energy generation and even water supply for the population and industry.

The agricultural industry is the largest consumer of freshwater, typically relying on precipitation to naturally water crops. However, in the absence of rain, crops need to be watered by means of irrigation. This is only possible if there is enough water in nearby rivers, lakes, or from groundwater.

A short term drought mitigation measure can be the temporary supply of water from an alternative source.

Drought Mitigation Solutions Hydrodiesel Pump Systems
Drought Mitigation Hydrodiesel Pump Systems

Largest capacity pump systems in the industry

Hydrodiesel delivers the largest mobile pumping systems that can transport water over long distances downstream to areas exposed to drought. The rapidly deployable solutions can deliver water from any source and overcome any obstacle, depending on the system configuration.

Below you can see an example of mobile system configuration in relay pumping operation.

Hydrodiesel Fire Fighting Pump Systems Source Pumping

Water transfer
Independent of draft or source pumping, when water needs to be transported over longer distances, several booster pump sets can be connected in series to deliver high pressure water to the area facing drought.

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