External Marine Fire Fighting

Although vessels and offshore production facilities are equipped with onboard fire fighting equipment, a fire can be of such magnitude that it needs additional water or foam capacity provided by a dedicated vessel with external marine fire fighting capabilities. Hydrodiesel delivers the solution that you need.

Whether it is on an oil (production) platform or a seagoing vessel, the outbreak of a fire on board is one of the worst situations a crew can experience. In such a remote location, being hundreds or thousands of miles away from the nearest shore, the potential for loss of life, environmental damage, loss of cargo or (production) assets is a real possibility.

Hydrodiesel provides temporary or (semi) permanent external marine fire fighting systems, with or without marine class notation. Our fire fighting solutions can be of any capacity and configuration.

These systems can be used on vessels whose primary or secondary role is fire fighting of other vessels or structures such as Harbor Tugs, Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT), Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV), or a dedicated fire fighting vessel.

All our solutions are factory tested and performance proven products, ready to install. They are available with Marine Class (ABS, DNV, BV, LRS) witnessed test certificate. 

Hydrodiesel Marine Fire Fighting Solutions

Our external marine fire fighting solutions can be of any capacity and configuration. Below is an overview or typical requirements for marine fire fighting systems with class notation.

Hydrodiesel Marine Fire Fighting Systems with notation
Hydrodiesel Marine Fire Fighting Systems


Hydrodiesel Marine Fire Fighting Containerized Semipermanent Solutions

Semi permanent fire fighting

We offer containerized solutions with a capacity ranging from 600 to 3000 m³/hour. The pump sets are mounted in a modified 10 or 20 ft standardized shipping container. The self-contained units are equipped with a roof mounted monitor, that can be operated manually or from the bridge by remote control. These solutions have a short delivery time, small footprint and require minimal installation in time and costs, which is ideal for support vessels.

Hydrodiesel Marine Fire Fighting Portable Solutions

Portable fire fighting

Our compact and portable diesel driven fire fighting units are immediately deployable and easy to move around by land, sea, or air. The portable units are available in a capacity ranging from 200 to 1400 m³/hour. They are equipped with a suction hose system, manual priming pump, and rooftop mounted monitor. Additionally, a foam proportioner can be installed. The compact lightweight protection frame is delivered with an integrated fuel tank and requires minimal installation to save time and costs.

Hydrodiesel Marine Fire Fighting Fixed Solutions

Fixed fire fighting

Whether it is for a new build or a retrofit for an existing vessel, Hydrodiesel delivers complete systems including monitors, deck hydrants, deluge systems. PTO or diesel driven systems are usually equipped with a Fi-Fi I Class. However, systems different in size or without a class notation can be provided as well, tailored to your vessel design and classification requirements. Over the past four decades Hydrodiesel has designed, built, and delivered numerous configurations. Our experts can help you find the solution for your challenges.

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With a track record in high quality fire fighting systems for offshore, marine and land we have supplied solutions to companies and (local) governments worldwide. Enabling our customers to reduce the impact of disasters on land and sea.

Would you like to find out how we can help you solve your challenges? Our experts are available to help you find the solution for your issues. Please feel free to contact us directly or via our contact page.

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