Offshore Fire Fighting

Whether it is on an oil platform, F(P)SO, FSRU or FLNG unit, the outbreak of a fire on board is one of the worst situations a crew can experience. Hydrodiesel delivers self-contained and independently operating fire water pump systems to meet the harsh offshore fire fighting requirements and conditions.

Oil platforms, F(P)SO, FSRU and FLNG are equipped with passive fire protection measures to reduce the risk of a fire on board. However, if a fire breaks out, it is crucial that the active fire protection systems are immediately activated and provided with sufficient water. Fire water is delivered to the fire water ring main by dedicated, independently operating fire water pumps.

The configuration of the installations we deliver is flexible, to meet your specific needs. Designed according to the requirements of NFPA 20, main marine classification societies, and national authorities.

Hydrodiesel offshore fire fighting systems are high quality and cost-effective solutions. All designed, constructed and tested in-house. Either for new build, retrofitting or upgrading. Our systems are self-contained and independently operating. They have automatic pressure control systems for constant pressure at the fire ring main.

The pumps are typically diesel hydraulic driven and are available in several configurations, tailored to the layout of the vessel or structure and project requirements.

    Offshore FPSO fire fighting

    Configuration and installation


    Hydrostatic solution
    For lower capacities Hydrodiesel offers a hydrostatic solution where a single hydraulic driven pump, installed below the water line, supplies fire water to the fire water ring main at deck level.

    Diesel hydraulic solution
    For larger capacities Hydrodiesel offers a solution with a hydraulic driven lift pump and a diesel driven booster pump operating in series. The lift pump is located below the water line, supplying water to the booster pump. The booster pump and diesel engine are located below or at deck level, increasing the pressure and supply of fire water to the fire water ring main.

    Skid mounted
    The lift pump is mounted on a steel fabricated base frame, suitable for dry installation below the water line. In case the project or layout of the vessel requires submerged installation, we can adapt the lift pump to meet your specific needs. When the booster pump is also installed below deck it is mounted on a steel fabricated base frame, housing the driver, hydraulic power unit and fire water booster pump.

    Offshore enclosure
    When the booster pump is mounted above deck, it is vital that the unit is installed in an offshore enclosure that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and the risk of fire and blast events. Hydrodiesel provides offshore enclosures, with optional fire ratings from A0 to H120, suitable for
    installation in safe or hazardous areas. The enclosures are self-contained units, with sufficient machine room space and detachable wall panels for maintenance, including all necessary auxiliary systems.

    Configurations Offshore Fire Fighting Hydrodiesel

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    With a track record in high quality fire fighting systems for offshore, marine and land we have supplied solutions to companies and (local) governments worldwide. Enabling our customers to reduce the impact of disasters on land and sea.

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