Containerized Fire Water Booster Pump Set

Project description

Nord-West Oelleitung GmbH (NWO) operates the first long-range crude oil pipeline in Europe, serving several refineries downstream in Germany. Crude oil is received at the deep water terminal in Wilhelmshaven, where oil is temporarily stored in the 1.6 million m³ tank farm. The tank farm houses in total 35 storage tanks with a capacity ranging from 35.000 to 100.000 m³. All the tanks are 13.5 m high and have a diameter of 55 or 98 meters respectively. NWO had foreseen a trailer mounted monitor that could fight a fire in the largest tanks. However, the existing fire main ring did not provide sufficient residual pressure.

For this project, Hydrodiesel has delivered a booster pump set suitable for hydrant pumping, mounted in a 20ft container equipped with a hook lift system, allowing rapid deployment across the entire site.

Customer / End User:
Nord-West Oelleitung GmbH

Wilhelmshaven – Germany

System capacity:
720 m³/h (12.000 lpm) @ 12 bar

Scope of supply:
One (1) Containerized (20ft with hook lift system), diesel driven fire water pump set, comprising of:

  • Fire pump controller
  • Redundant electric starting system
  • Fuel system with tank
  • Integrated cooling water system
  • Engine exhaust system
  • Ventilation system for room cooling and combustion air intake
  • Foam mixing system 1-3%
  • Factory acceptance test with site start-up, commissioning, and training activities

Fire pump set deployed and mobile fire water monitor being put in place by site fire fighting crew for site acceptance test

Mobile fire water monitor with a capacity of 12.000 lpm

Site fire fighting crew in front of containerized fire pump set during training in Germany

Containerized fire pump set being deployed by means of hook lift system