Containerized Fire Water Pump Sets with Submersible Lift Pumps

Project description

Finnart Oil Terminal is an oil depot with extensive oil storage tanks built into the hillside. It has piers extending a short distance into the loch, providing a deep water berth for oil tankers. The terminal is located on the west coast of Scotland and is connected by two pipelines across the width of Scotland to the Grangemouth Refinery on the east coast.

The existing fire fighting system had to be upgraded, for which Hydrodiesel delivered a custom-built containerized solution. The challenge in this project was the large distance between open water and location of the enclosure housing the main fire water pumps.

Hydrodiesel has developed a diesel-hydraulic solution where submerged hydraulic driven lift pumps feed the fire water to the diesel driven main pumps, which in turn supply the fire water downstream to the fire ring main.

Customer / End User:
Jacobs / INEOS Manufacturing Scotland Ltd.

Finnart Ocean Terminal, Argyll and ButeCouncil –United Kingdom

System capacity:
1200 m³/h @ 16.7 bar (1800 m³/h @ 150% duty point / 3x 50%)

Scope of supply:
One (1) Custom-built containerized (45ft) with hydraulic power packs and fire water pump sets in accordance with NFPA 20, comprising of:

  • 2x Diesel driven fire water pump set (600 m³/h @ 16.7 bar)
  • 1x Electric driven fire water pump set (600 m³/h @ 16.7 bar)
  • 3x Hydraulic driven submerged lift pump (600-900 m³/h @ 1.8 bar) with AISI316 caisson
  • 3x Auto start control panel
  • 2x Redundant electric starting system
  • 2x Fuel system with tank (24hr)
  • Integrated cooling water system
  • Ventilation system for room cooling and combustion air intake
  • 2x Engine exhaust system
  • 1x Jockey pump (330 lpm@ 8.3 bar)
  • Factory acceptance test with site start-up and commissioning activities

Jetty with the caisson arrangement for the submersible lift pumps

Inside of the container showing the three pump sets with hydraulic power packs in a row

Test of the fire fighting system during the commissioning phase of the fire water pump sets

Installation of one of the three caissons for housing the submersible lift pumps