Mobile Tank Farm Fire Fighting System

Project description

The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is a major international crude oil transportation project with the participation of Russia, Kazakhstan and leading international oil and gas companies. The consortium was created for the construction and operation of a pipeline of more than 1500 km long and several terminals, pump stations and tank farms. The tank farm in Novorossiysk comprises ten (10) tanks with a diameter of nearly 100 meters and a capacity of 100.000 m³ each.

For this site we have delivered two mobile fire fighting systems allowing the fire department to fight fires at all tanks without the need of a high capacity fire main.

Customer / End User:
Fluor Daniel / Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC)

Novorossiysk – Russia

System capacity:
2x 1200 m³/h (40.000 lpm)

Scope of supply:
Two (2) mobile fire fighting systems, each comprising of:

  • 1x Containerized diesel driven pump set – 1200 m³/h (20.000 lpm)
  • Flat hose 8” (4.800 m) to overcome a distance of 1.200m
  • 3x Storage container for hose transport and miscellaneous equipment
  • 1x Fog/Jet Monitor trailer – 1200 m³/h (20.000 lpm)
  • 1x Trailer mounted, diesel driven foam injection pump
  • 4x Low bed trailer
  • 1x Terminal tractor
  • Factory acceptance test with site start-up and commissioning activities

Mobile fire water monitor in action during site acceptance test

Training of the fire fighting crew at site

Preparing fire pump set for draft pumping operation

Inside containerized diesel driven fire pump set