Portable Diesel Driven Fi-Fi Pump Set

Project description

Headquartered in Galveston, T&T offers a wide range of maritime services and emergency response solutions. With operational bases in the Americas, Europe and Asia, they operate a broad range of emergency response equipment. The equipment is packaged in such a way that it can easily be transported by air, land or sea. For her Fire Fighting activities, T&T was looking for fire water pump sets that could meet the tough demands that equipment faces in this challenging industry.

For this project, Hydrodiesel has delivered two lightweight portable fire water pump sets that can fight fires up till 80 meters with two fire water monitors.

Customer / End User:
T&T Marine Salvage, Inc.

Galveston, Texas – US

System capacity:
600 m³/h @ 13 bar / 2.650 USGM @ 190 Psi

Scope of supply:
Two (2) portable diesel driven Fi-Fi pump sets, each comprising of:

  • Lightweight steel frame with integrated fuel tank for 8 hours of operation, forklift sockets and hoisting points
  • Integrated water cooled cooling system
  • Suction manifold with flexible suction hoses
  • Priming system
  • Foam proportioning system
  • 2x Manual operated water/foam monitor
  • Local control panel
  • Factory acceptance test and site instruction training for operators

The portable fire fighting pump set in action during the Functional Performance Test near our premises in The Netherlands

Trajectory diagram of the installed fire water monitors

Portable frames for the hard piped flexible suction hoses

One of the units operated by a crew member of T&T Marine Salvage during the Site Acceptance Test in Galveston, US