Skid Mounted Fire Water Pump Sets

Project description

Sweden’s oldest refinery, the Nynäshamn refinery of Swedish company Nynas AB, produces naphthenic specialty products and bitumen with an installed capacity of 90.000 barrels per day. For her existing fire main ring, Nynas had to replace the existing fire water pump sets to meet the latest standards in fire protection.

For this project Hydrodiesel has delivered four (4) vertical turbine fire water pumps, driven, via an angled gearbox, by a dedicated fire pump diesel engine.

Customer / End User:
Nynas AB

Nynäshamn refinery – Sweden

System capacity:
4x 1.125 m³/h @ 13.5 bar

Scope of supply:

  • 4x Diesel driven fire water pump set, incl. autostart control panels
  • 2x Jockey pump
  • 1x Temporary enclosure and pontoon
  • 2x Fuel system with dedicated tank
  • Installation and commissioning on site

The pontoon is a temporary location of one of the four fire water pump sets

Installation of the vertical turbine pump on the temporary pontoon

One of the fire water pump sets at our test facilities during the Factory Acceptance Test

Redundant jockey pump installation