Emergency pump systems

In a world where calamities are increasing in number and size, precautions are essential to reduce the impact on people, environment and assets. Effective incident management requires an immediate response with the right equipment on standby, available for rapid deployment. 

Hydrodiesel high capacity emergency pump systems are the right answer to support you in minimizing the impact of man-made or natural incidents.

Solutions you can rely on

Offshore fire fighting

Whether it is on an oil platform, F(P)SO, FSRU or FLNG unit Hydrodiesel delivers self-contained and independently operating fire water pump systems.

External marine fire fighting

Whether your vessel needs a temporary or (semi) permanent marine fire fighting system, we can provide the solution.

Land based fire fighting

Our mobile solutions can be deployed rapidly using water from a lake or river enabling a swift response to the largest industrial or forest fires.

Flood control & dewatering

Mobile pump systems for flood control and dewatering with the largest capacity in the industry.

Ballast or salvage operations

Hydrodiesel provides high capacity, hydraulic driven submersible pump systems that support salvage operators with fuel and cargo recovery.

Drought mitigation

The largest mobile pump systems in the industry that can transport water over long distances to areas exposed to drought

Nearly 40 years of experience in high capacity emergency pump systems

Custom-built pump systems to meet your requirements


Hydrodiesel has a modern premises in the Netherlands, with advanced engineering, manufacturing, and testing facilities. Here we design, manufacture and supply a wide range of high capacity pump systems. During the entire project lifecycle, we develop, design, build and test our solutions in-house. After delivery, our team of service engineers provide local commissioning, training and maintenance at our customer sites all over the world.

Rapid deployment for emergency situations

In emergency situations time is of the essence. Whether it is a static installation that is always available or a mobile installation that needs to travel large distances. You need to respond quickly and have equipment on standby that can be rapidly deployed. Our custom-built pump systems are the right answer to support you in minimizing the impact of man-made or natural incidents.